Non-standard minor subjects

For non-standard subsidiary subjects, an individual application must be submitted to the board of examiners for computer science for the attention of Computer Science Academic Advising. The student council has examples of approved applications available as a guide. However, copies of these applications will not be accepted. As part of the approval procedure, the examination board for Computer Science agrees a study plan with a minor subject representative from the other subject, who is appointed on a case-by-case basis. It is quite possible that such a plan is not achieved and the minor subject cannot be chosen - there is therefore no entitlement to a non-standard minor subject.

There is a special regulation for the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering. An application must also be made here, but no special substantiation is required. In addition, there are appointed contact persons for each of these subjects.

  Minor Subject representative Contact person in the IT department
Chemistry Prof. Dr. Klaus Huber
Room: J1.130
Phone: 05251/60-2125
Fax: 05251/60-4208
Mail: klaus.huber[at]

Prof. Dr. Christian Plessl

Mechanical Engineering Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Schmid
Room: N5.334
Phone: 05251/60-2404
Fax: 05251/60-3207
Mail: Hans-Joachim.Schmid[at]

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Sebastian Peitz

Physics Prof. Dr. Arno Schindlmayr
Room: N3.344
Phone: 05251/60-2338
Fax: 05251/60-3435
Mail: Arno.Schindlmayr[at]

Jun. Prof. Dr. Sevag Gharibian

The following non-standard minor subject plans have been agreed to so far.

Non-standard Minor Subject Comments
English Studies Bachelor only
Chemistry Bachelor only
German Literature Bachelor only
Nutritional Science Bachelor only
Protestant Theology Bachelor only
History Bachelor only
Comparative Theology Bachelor only
Mechanical Engineering