Post-Quan­tum Cryp­to­gra­phy


The lecture covers several topics of post-quantum cryptography, which deals with classical algorithms and schemes that are secure against quantum attackers.

The focus of the lecture is lattice cryptography, where cryptographic schemes are built from lattice problems such as Learning with Errors (LWE) or Short Integer Solution (SIS). Some hash-based and code-based cryptography is also covered.


The lecture will be held on Fridays 11-14 in O2.

The tutorials are on Mondays 9-11 in O1.258.

Due to holidays, the first lecture will be on April 14 and the first tutorial will be on April 17.

Ho­me­work and Qua­li­fied Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on (Stu­dien­leis­tung)

There will be irregular homework exercises. In order to get the Qualified Participation (Studienleistung) to take the exam, one needs to achieve at least 40% of all available points in the homework exercises.