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AG Codes and Kryptographie Bildinformationen anzeigen

AG Codes and Kryptographie

Introduction to Cryptography (in English)


News will be posted in PANDA. Introduction to Cryptography (ItC) will be an online course this term. As rough overview, this means that we upload lecture contents and assignments once a week. Afterwards, you have a week to familiarize yourselves with the contents and hand in the assignments in digital form. Especially, there is no "live" tutorial, having the advantage that you can choose your own slots for working on ItC.

Dates and Times

Every thursday during the lecture period (which starts on October, 26th for ItC) we will provide you the contents for the upcoming week via PANDA. Assignments need to be handed in digitally within a week. 


There are two types of assignments which we provide via PANDA. Beyond obtaining bonus points, these excercises help you to apply your new knowledge from the lecture. Or to realise where you need to have a another look into the contents. Especially, it will help you to deal with exercises in the exam.

Making a long story short: We strongly encourage you to thoroughly work on the assignments.

Type 1 Homework

Type 1 homework deals with the content of one specific week and is designed for repetition and comprehension. It can be solved within a short timeframe, assuming you've already put some work towards understanding the content.

Type 2 Homework

Type 2 homework is designed to deepen your understanding by asking advanced questions (potentially spanning multiple topics). These are more time-intensive and may require you to come up with the right ideas. For this, you'll have more time.

Type 2 exercises are released irregularly and you will have more time to solve them. Solving these excersises grants a bonus for your final grade. Type 2 exercises can be solved in groups.

Bonus system

You have to pass the type 1 assignments in 10 weeks in order to unlock bonus steps. A weekly exercise is considered "passed" if you reach at least 50% of its points.

Given this requirement, if you achieved at least

  • 50% of all points in type 2 exercises and you pass the exam, then your grade will improve by one grade step (e.g., 2.3 to 2.0)
  • 75% of all points in type 2 exercises and you pass the exam, then your grade will instead improve by two grade steps (e.g., 2.3 to 1.7)


The exam will be written. Yet, it is to be determined how exactly this will look, i.e. whether this happens digitally or in an appropriate way in the university. You need to register for the exam via PAUL. In PAUL you can also find further details regarding the registration phases.

The preliminary dates are:

  • 26.02.2020 
  • 26.03.2020

Prof. Dr. Johannes Blömer

Codes und Kryptographie

Johannes Blömer
+49 5251 60-6651
+49 5251 60-6618


Do, 11:00-12:00


Henrik Bröcher

Codes und Kryptographie

Henrik Bröcher
+49 5251 60-6328

Laurens Porzenheim

Codes und Kryptographie

+49 5251 60-6626

Die Universität der Informationsgesellschaft