L.079.05718: Web En­gi­nee­ring (WS 2010/2011)

Welcome to Web Engineering

Web Engineering is a subdiscipline of Software Engineering. It deals with concepts, languages, methods and tools to develop Web-based software systems. During the lecture, advanced concepts for developing those systems are studied. These comprise, e.g., standards to describe service-oriented architectures (SOA), Web services (WSDL), their retrieval (UDDI), their composition (BPEL) as well as ontology-based approaches to describe their semantics (RDF, OWL, WSMO, WSML). It will be shown how this is related to novel software development approaches as Model-Drive Architecture (MDS). The course will be rounded up by recent research results on describing and realizing Web service-based applications.


Master: SWT&IS Modul III.1.2+III.1.5+III.1.6 i-m

DPO4: 3. Studienabschnitt



The examination dates were sent to you by e-mail. Contact me(Jan) in case you did not get an appointment!


During the last exercise we offer a question time. The precondition for this exercise is that you send your questions via email (to Jan) until January the 25th 9:00 p.m.. After that we will decide whether it is necessary to answer your questions in a last exercise (are there enough questions?) or not. In case it makes no sense to hold a last exercise we will publish the answers to your questions as a FAQ on our homepage.

So start writing emails!

2010-12-21The examination dates will be published in january 2011!
2010-10-26This week, Prof. Engels is at a seminar on "Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems" studying the
newest developments within this field. Therefore, he will not be in Paderborn and unfortunately the
next lecture (on wednesday, 27th of october) will not take place.

But, this does not mean that there will be no new material for you to study!
He would like to ask you, instead of going to his lecture to study the topics of that lecture at home.
Therefore, we uploaded the slides of the lecture and the related chapter of the book
"Web Engineering" to our webpage [1] respectively to the PAUL system [2].

So, please, work through the book chapter and the slides and do the current exercise [3] on that topic.
The exercise will be discussed in the exercise groups starting on November 3rd and 10th.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to ask detailed questions to the slides in the next lecture
taking place on November 3.

At the moment, there are no plans to skip another lecture this semester!


[1] : www.cs.uni-paderborn.de/fachgebiete/fg-engels/lehre/ws1011/web-engineering/lecture-notes.html

[2] : paul.uni-paderborn.de -> L.079.05715 Web Engineering -> Material -> WE-Chapter-01
You have to be logged in and registered to see the material!

[3] : www.cs.uni-paderborn.de/fachgebiete/fg-engels/lehre/ws1011/web-engineering/exercises.html
2010-10-12The exercises do not start this week!

The beginning will be announced during the next two weeks.
2010-09-24Please subscribe to the mailing list via https://lists.uni-paderborn.de/mailman/listinfo/webeng .
2010-09-24The first lecture will start on wednesday, 20th of October 2010 .


Lectures und Exercises
V2Lecture:Wednesday (in english)Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels09:00 - 11:00D2
Ü1Exercises:Wednesday (even weeks) (in english)Jan Bals11:00 - 13:00D1.312
Ü1Exercises:Wednesday (odd weeks) (in english)Jan Bals11:00 - 13:00D1.312



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