L.079.05718: Web En­gi­nee­ring (WS 2013/2014)

Welcome to Web Engineering

Web Engineering is a subdiscipline of Software Engineering. It deals with concepts, languages, methods and tools to develop Web-based software systems. During the lecture, advanced concepts for developing those systems are studied. These comprise, e.g., concepts to describe service-oriented architectures (SOA), Web services (WSDL, REST), their retrieval (UDDI), their composition (BPEL) as well as underlying concepts to model web applications (UWE) and to realize web applications. Furthermore, technologies to realize web applications are presented (HTML5, JavaScript, JSP, …). In addition, current trends in the field of the "Semantic Web" will be adressed by introducing concepts (Semantic Web Layer cake), technologies (RDF, OWL) and application areas (semantic search). It will be shown how these foundations can be related to novel software development approaches as Model-Driven Architecture (MDA). The course will be rounded up by recent research results on describing and realizing Web service-based applications.

2004: SWT&IS Modul III.1.2+III.1.5+III.1.6
2009: SWT&IS Modul III.1.1+III.1.3+III.1.6

DPO4: 3. Studienabschnitt



There’s going to be a 7th exercise group on Wednesday. The topic will be RDF, RDF Schema, and SPARQL.

We will start with the exercise 10 minutes after the lecture has ended because the last lecture probably won’t take the whole 90 minutes.

2014-01-09The lecture on January 29, 2014 will be held in room D1.303.
2013-11-12There will be no lecture on November 20, 2013.
2013-11-07The 2nd Homework Assignment is online.

The exercise groups on Wednesday (even weeks – starting tomorrow) will start at exactly 11:00 AM. This way there is only a 15 minute gap between the lecture and the exercise group.

The exercise groups on Mondays (odd weeks – starting Monday) will start at 9:15 AM.

2013-09-19Please subscribe to the mailing list via https://lists.uni-paderborn.de/mailman/listinfo/webeng
2013-09-19The first lecture will start on October 16, 2013


Lectures und Exercises
V2Lecture:Wednesday (in english)Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels09:00 - 11:00O2
Ü1Exercises:Wednesday (even weeks) (in english) starting on October 30thDennis Bokermann11:00 - 12:30O2
Ü1Exercises:Monday (odd weeks) (in english) starting on November 4thDennis Bokermann09:15 - 10:45D1.312



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