Se­mi­nar: Ad­van­ced Soft­ware En­gi­nee­ring Con­cepts

The focus of the seminar is on Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM). After more than two decades of introducing TOGAF by The Open Group, EAM is still one of the most important architectural topics in research and practice.

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Initial Meeting

  • Date: October 10th at 14:00
  • Room: ZM2.A.00.07 
  • Participation at the initial meeting is mandatory for this seminar.


List of Topics


Dates and Deadlines

Date Description
10.10.2022 Meeting: Initial meeting
11.10.2022 Deadline: Topic selection
20.11.2022 Deadline: Submission of the initial paper
08.01.2023 Deadline: Submission of the final paper
22.01.2023 Deadline: Review submission
02.02, 03.02.2023 Meeting: Final presentation
20.02.2023 Deadline: Submission of the camera-ready paper



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In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact Bahar Schwichtenberg.