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Open Thesis Topics

Research area: Interaction in medical visualizations used in diagnosis of coronary heart disease

Subject Area 1: Volume Viewer in Unity

Subject Area 2: Gesture Control in Hybrid-OR

Subject Area 3: Muscle Fatigue while using Gesture Control 

Subject Area 4:  3D-Interaction for Adaption of Transfer Functions

Subject Area 5: Usage of the Leap Motion Controller to Interact with Medical Visualizations

If you are interessted in one of these topics, please contact Mrs. Piasecki.

Subject Area 6: Interactive Visualization Techniques to solve challenges of past IEEE SciVis contests. This subject area is open for Master students who passed the module "Interactive Data Visualization" and at least one seminar of type "Current Topics in Visualization" or "Time-Varying Data Visualization". A list of IEEE SciVis Contests is available at http// Contact: domik (at)


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