Pro­ject Group AppSolut - A Frame­work for Com­posed App Solu­tions

In winter term 2012/2013 and summer term 2013, the software engineering group and the research group database and information systems offer a project group called AppSolut - A Framework for Composed App Solutions.

This project group aims at developing a framework for the composition of Android apps. The tasks include the development of a specification language to describe the apps. Furthermore, a matching concept has to be developed, in order to find suitable apps and to compose them correctly. The framework has to provide appropriate tool support.

 Challenges of this project group are:

  • App specifications have to integrate both functional and non-functional properties.
  • These properties have to be compared automatically based on the developed matching concepts.
  • The developed approach has to be applied and evaluated on a complex realistic example.


 This research is in the context of the subproject B1 of the SFB 901 "On-The-Fly Computing"



10.10.2012: Website moved

Our websites moved to the HNI: Please use the new link to the PG AppSolut Website:

19.9.2012: Redistribution meeting

We were informed that our registrees do not have to attent the redistribution meeting on September 24th. Exceptional cases will be notified by us on Friday.

14.9.2012: Motivation essays

We would like all our registrees to write a short essay about the motivation to join the PG Appsolut. More details about this have already been sent via PAUL. The deadline is Wednesday, October 19th.

13.9.2012: Redistribution meeting

Since we have 15 registrations, our project group will definitely take place as planned in winter term 2012/2013 and summer term 2013. Nevertheless, please join us on the redistribution meeting on September 24th, 2012, 4:15 pm, room F1.110.

06.08.2012: Information meeting

On Thursday, August 9th, at 4 pm (s.t.) we will provide an info-event for interested or already registered students that want to join PG AppSolut! There, we will give you detailed information on the organization and aims of our PG. Furthermore, we will explain how to register for it.

The meeting takes place in ZM1.02-48 (not as formerly announced in ZM1.03-03). You find this room in the new building Zukunftsmeile 1 in the Fürstenallee (on the left of the Heinz Nixdorf Museum).


Imagine you are a soccer fan and you want to plan a trip to an important match.

There are several tasks you have to accomplish, for example

  1. add an appointment into your calendar
  2. find a route with the local traffic system in order to travel to the city the match takes place
  3. find out what the target city provides for your further entertainment
  4. find the soccer stadium on the city map
  5. buy tickets for the match
  6. book a hotel to stay in for the night

It costs lots of effort and time to finde a nice app for each of this tasks and to use them in order to accomplish your tasks. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have only one app that satisfies all your needs? And wouldn't it be nice, if it could be composed from well-established apps without much effort?

Now imagine that your friends want to have a similar app that is able to accomplish the same tasks but with slightly different requirements, e.g. another platform or another task more.

In order to build such apps in an easy way, an AppComposer (see exemplary picture below) that is able to do this automatically would be great!

Of course we will evaluate our concepts on complex, more realistic scenarios. Such a realistic application example could be, e.g., a logistics scenario or a university management system (like PAUL). Alternatively you bring cour own ideas for such an application possibility.


What do you get, if you decide to join the PG AppSolut?

  • Software Engineering Experience
    • Model-Driven Software Engineering (MDSD)
    • Service-Oriented Computing (SOC)
    • Language Engineering
    • ...
  • Research in a highly relevant and innovative research field
    • within the context of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 901 "On-The-Fly Computing"
  • Practice and support in English and presentation skills
  • Connections to two software engineering research groups
    • chance for seminar theses, master theses, student jobs
    • cooperation with industry
    • in the new building in the Zukunftsmeile Fürstenallee


If you want to join the PG AppSolut

  • ... you should be interested in:
    • leading edge technologies (Android, Eclipse, ...)
    • realizing you own conceptual ideas
    • team work
  • ... you should be experienced in:
    • Java
    • UML

How do I register?

Information about registering for a project group are given in the slides from the general project group website


For some more details please refer to our 

slides from the PG presentation on July 9th




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