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Model-based software development has to cope with the steadily increasing complexity of today’s software systems. As a consequence, it is utterly important that models used in software development are well-structured and understandable. In order to ensure the maintainability and their extensibility of software models, model refactoring is a technique to restructure models in such way that their behavior is preserved. In this seminar, we get to know different refactoring approaches for models and other artifacts used in software development.

Seminar Information

Additional Seminar Information:

Every participant has the following tasks:

1. Prepare and present talk for selected topic

  • Contact with the supervisor on a regular base
  • Max. time slot for presentation: 30 minutes
  • Time slot for presentation and discussion: 45 minutes

2. Written versions for the selected topic

  • Max. length: 12 pages (LNCS)  Templates: LaTex or Word

3. Presence in all presentations

4. Active participation in the discussions

  • Two questions for each selected presentation (to be determined) have to be prepared and send to Dr. Christian Gerth prior to the presentation session.
  • The questions shall critically investigate the presented topics. Of course, questions for comprehension are allowed after each talk, but are not sufficient for submission to Dr. Christian Gerth.


The seminar will be held as block seminar in the end of the semester (before July 19th, 2013)


Dr. Christian Gerth


Master 2004   - Modules III.1.1&  III.1.2:     Softwaretechnik I/II   - Module   III.1.5:                 Datenbanken und Informationssysteme   - Module   III.1.6:                 Data and Knowledge Engineering Master 2009   - Module III.1.1:    Modellbasierte SWE   - Module III.1.3:    Datenbanken und Informationssysteme   - Module III.1.5:    Analytische Methoden des SE   - Module III.1.6:    Konstruktive Methoden des SE

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