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EWG-DSS 2022 Award

The EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems awarded Jonas Kirchhoff with the EWG-DSS 2022 Award for his paper "Decision Support Ecosystems: Definition and Platform Architecture".

The award is given out anually to PhD students for an outstanding paper and presentation at the International Conference on Decision Support System Technology.

Link to paper at Springer  

Link to the EWG-DSS


Jonas Kirchhoff

Jonas Kirchhoff, M. Sc.

Software Innovation Campus Paderborn (SICP)

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Christoph Weskamp

Dr. Christoph Weskamp

Software Innovation Campus Paderborn (SICP)

R&D Manager - Digital Business

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Gregor Engels

Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels

Software Innovation Campus Paderborn (SICP)

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The University for the Information Society