Mari­aDB Galera Cluster

The IRB operates a MariaDB Galera Cluster. The cluster is used internally, but databases are provided as a service to customers. If you have an application that requires such a database, we can offer you to provide you a database and proper access.

At the time of writing support is limited to MariaDB and hence MySQL databases. If the demand for further database types manifests, the IRB might extend its offering.

A PhpMyAdmin-based webinterface is available here (vpn only).

To request a database, write an email to irb-linux-support[at]

We as IRB require the requestor to be permanently employed by Paderborn University. If you are a student and need a database for a project, e.g. a thesis, you can ask your supervisor to forward your requests to us.

The request must contain:

  • Database name
  • Purpose of use
  • Type (currently always "MariaDB / MySQL")
  • Connection details
    • User name (by default: same as database name)
    • Connection origin (required, per-host users are enforced)
  • Estimated resource usage
    • Storage demand
    • For complex applications: transactions per minute
  • Contact information
    • Admininstrative (AdminC) - responsible for the database, must be permanently employed by Paderborn University
      • Name
      • IMT account name
      • Email
      • Research group
    • Technical (TechC) - technical contact for the database, only relevant if different from AdminC
      • Name
      • IMT account name
      • Email
      • Telefon number (reserved for emergencies)
  • Runtime
    • By default: 15 months
    • 3 months prior to the end of service, the AdminC will be informed and can request a service extension by one year
  • Optional: Other requirements, e.g. multiple users

The IRB will be happy to assist you with further, individual database requirements.