Sys­tems for Re­search Groups

Research groups and their students working on Bachelor's and Master's Theses are provided with Workstation and VM Installations upon request. These Installations are based on our Base Systems and count as IRB administrated.

Employees receive root credentials on the virtual system.

Currenly available are

  • Debian (VMs)

Services include:


  • fully installed VM or Workstation of that OS
  • SSL Certificate (upon request)
  • Offsite-Backup (upon request, but strongly recommended)


  • Inclusion in automated system monitoring
  • Regular Updates via Package Management
  • Reminder for needed reboots after updates and rebooting the systems automated (if required, we take care of servers that must not be rebooted simultaneously)
  • System Backups
  • VMWare Tools Updates

We do not offer

  • Installation of software beyond the respective package manager's repositories
  • Maintainance or configuration of software beyond the base system

Requesting a system

Persons of Contact are the Technical Advisors of your Research Group, if present.

Requests for students doing their Bachelor's or Master's Theses must happen via their Advisor.

Other Systems

We can start installations for other types of systems (within reason) up to the root password prompt, but will not administer these. You will be wholly responsible for the system in these cases.