Self-as­sess­ment tests for mas­ter lec­tures

The department of computer science has designed self-assessment tests for a large part of its master lectures. This is a good chance to check if you have the required prior knowledge to pass the respective courses and to identify topics that you need to brush up upon.
It is thus possible to close isolated gaps in knowledge through intensive preparation. If you have difficulties in the majority of our Self-assessment test or haven’t even heard of the concepts of most questions, this is a strong indication that our Master program is probably not the right choice for you.

Please note: The self-assessment tests are for your use only. The results have no relevance for admission to the course. All data will be anonymized and treated confidentially.

Please click on the title of the respective course to be forwarded to its self-assessment test:

Self-Assessment: Advanced Computer Architecture

Self-Assessment: Advanced Distributed Algorithms and Data Structures

Self-Assessment: Computational Argumentation

Self-Assessment: Cooperative Mobile Systems

Self-Assessment: Fundamentals of Model-Driven Engineering

Self-Assessment: Future Internet

Self-Assessment: Foundations of Cryptography

Self-Assessment: High-Performance Computing

Self-Assessment: Interactive Data Visualization

Self-Assessment: Mobile Communication

Self-Assessment: Model Checking

Self-Assessment: Quantum Complexity Theory

Self-Assessment: Software Analysis

Self-Assessment: Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and Advanced Software Engineering (ASE)

Self-Assessment: Statistical Natural Language Processing

Self-Assessment: Strategic product planning in the age of digitalisation

Self-Assessment: Type Systems for Correctness and Security