Topic: Research Roadmap for Self-Adaptive Systems

Software's ability to adapt at run-time to changing user needs, system intrusions or faults, changing operational environment, and resource variability has been proposed as a means to cope with the complexity of today's software-intensive systems. Such self-adaptive systems can configure and reconfigure themselves, augment their functionality, continually optimize themselves, protect themselves, and recover themselves, while keeping most of their complexity hidden from the user and administrator. The aim of this assignment is to establish a high-level understanding of the problem domain, the related terminology and the current approaches in research of self-adaptive systems.

Supervisor: Masud Fazal-Baqaie

Assigned to: Thomas Kühne

Written Paper (Version 0.9): link

Written Paper (Version 1.0): link


  • Betty H. Cheng et al. Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems, Betty H. Cheng, Rogerio Lemos, Holger Giese, Paola Inverardi, and Jeff Magee (Eds.).Lecture Notes In Computer Science, Vol. 5525. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg 1-26.
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