Un­ter­suchung der Ex­pressiv­ität und Ef­fekt­iv­ität von Mul­tivari­aten Visu­al­is­ier­ungen zur visuel­len Ana­lyse mechat­ron­is­cher Systeme in der vir­tuel­len Real­ität

Bachelor Thesis of Matthias Brands

This thesis proposes a multivariate visualization technique for virtual reality applica-tions. Using virtual reality instead of standard monitors facilitates faster analysis and better understanding of growing data sets - without delay of the process during devel-opment. To ensure this the multivariate visualization techniques must be expressive and it must allow for efficient application. Our object of investigation is a test bench. This thesis first defines a set of requirements on multivariate data visualization techniques to support using them in virtual reality systems. Then existing visualization techniques for multivariate data sets have been analyzed considering the requirements of virtual reality applications. Based on this analysis and on the requirements new visualization tech-niques have been derived. These new techniques have been then evaluated against the requirements. One of them has been chosen for implementation and application in our test environment. User tests were done to see whether the technique complain with re-quirements. It has been shown that multivariate visualization techniques can be used in virtual reality without loss of expressivity and efficiency.