Individuelle Gestaltung der Imaginationstechnik "Der innere sichere Ort" in der CryENGINE

Bachelorarbeit von Dominik Precht

The imagination technique "The inner safe place" is a part of the therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder patients. By using this technique, the patient should feel safe and bad feelings can be pushed to the back of one's mind.

To improve the effects of the imagination technique in the technical implementation inside the serious game, we want to increase the level of individualisation for the safe places. Cause of the probability that patients may have a photo of one place which generates safety, a semiautomatic method was developed, which creates a 2,5D model out of a single 2D picture. This allows therapists to include photos given by the patients in a realistic way into their virtual safe place.

After the user input, in the form of depth informations given by a brush, the depth map will be created with a graph-based image segmentation. The final step is to generate the corresponding 2,5D model with the photo as the texture.

The result is a semiautomatic method, that builds nice 2,5D models which induce a nice depth recognition effect inside the CryENGINE.