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Model-based visualization of the heart

Bachelorarbeit von Lennart Kurschel 

Students in medical studies make intensive use of anatomy-atlases. Beside illustrations of the human organs they contain CT-, X-Ray- and Ultrasound-images. The techniques behind the images are used in the hole working time of a medic and they are not only used for diagnostics but can also be seen as teaching stuff and for communication of knowledge (e.g. to a patient). With high probability we can assume that in medicine volume-based images will get even more important.

This thesis provides a way how a CT-Volume of a heart can mimic illustrations. For that the illustrations and the used techniques were studied and categorized. The used techniques are implemented as plug-in for the software Volume Studio. In addition to the techniques a way to select an object in the volume and how the heart can be colored, will be provided. Furthermore a performance-test is applied which shows that the implementation of the techniques provides a good result.

The University for the Information Society