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"All Day Re­search" Pod­cast: 25th epis­ode with Dr. Zahra Rais­si

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In the 25th episode of the "All Day Research" podcast, we welcome Dr. Zahra Raissi. Together with our host Marvin Beckmann, she talks about her research in quantum computing.

Dr. Raissi has only been at Paderborn University since February this year and is one of currently three junior group leaders. What she particularly likes about her current position is how independently she can continue to work on her own research and coordinate students and projects on her own: "I have more responsibilities here because I am mentoring other PhD students and doing my research all by myself. But I really like that because I grow a lot in my current position," says Dr. Raissi. 

What Dr. Raissi finds particularly exciting about her research field is the wide range of possibilities offered by quantum information science. Above all, she is fascinated by how it can help shape everyday life in the future. "When we will have quantum computers, then they are definitely going to be way faster than the normal ones. There are also many problems, for example in physics or biomedicine, where we could use a quantum computer in order to solve them faster," explains Dr. Raissi.

The podcast was produced in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science and the Student Council for Mathematics/Computer Science. The aim is to give more insights into science and thus bring students - especially those in the first semester - closer to the study, to arouse interest and to show how much fun research and the study of computer science at the Paderborn University can be.

Listen now to the 25th episode of the "All Day Research" podcast. Find it everywhere podcast is available or here on the institute page (please insert link here).

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