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“Gold for Ex­perts” wins 2018 EFMD Ex­cel­lence in Prac­tice Award

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The Atos programme "Gold for Experts" wins the "EFMD Excellence in Practice Silver Award" in the "Professional Development" category. Atos is partner of the SICP – Software Innovation Campus Paderborn which is part of the Paderborn University. The internal programme "Gold for Experts" was initiated in 2013 together with the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) of the University of Cambridge and the SICP at Paderborn University.

The <link http: companies excellence-in-practice>EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards (EIP) recognise outstanding examples of effective and impactful Leadership and Development interventions between partner organisations. The winning intervention “Gold for Experts” was first run in 2013/2014 and is a six-month programme with a combination of taught modules and a major project. This programme, now running for the tenth time, has met the challenge laid down by Atos and is now the cornerstone of Atos’ Expert career track to develop the leadership skills of people with a technology background. The programme continues to evolve to reflect the rapidly changing digital world and Atos strategy.

More about the EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards

The EFMD is the largest global network association in the field of management development, including nearly 900 member organisations, reaching over 25,000 management development professionals from academia, business, public service and consultancy across over 88 countries worldwide. EFMD is a unique forum for information, research, networking and debate on innovation and best practice in management development and is recognised globally as an accreditation body for quality & impact assessment in management programmes.

How the awards process works
An international judging panel reviews the case studies submitted for the EIP Awards. The panel is composed of representatives from EFMD, companies, business schools and alternative providers.  The winning case studies are selected based on the review of 4 key areas. 

  1. Properly Documented “Challenge”
  2. Effective Partnering Agreement / “Commitment”
  3. Appropriate “L&D Initiative”
  4. Proven Business “Impact”

Awards background
The EIP Awards were launched in 2007 and are now in their 12th year. Since the launch of the Awards over 300 cases have been submitted for review. They were launched to provide a platform to showcase outstanding L&D partnerships with a vision to become one of the global flagship awards programmes that demonstrate best collaborative practices in the field of executive education. Over the last 12 years the EIP Awards have really grown in prestige and global recognition with an outstanding list of companies, business schools and providers taking part.

Bild: SICP
Bild: SICP