Sem­in­ar: Ad­vanced Soft­ware En­gin­eer­ing Con­cepts

This is a joint seminar given by Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels, Chair of Database and Information System, and Dr. Matthias Meyer, Department Head of Software Engineering and IT Security at the Fraunhofer IEM.



Since we had a few request, here is some additional information on the selection process:

  • We will only consider students for topics for which the summer semester 2019 is their 4th or higher master semester.
  • Assigning topics to students will (probably) be done at the kickoff. We will present each topic and do the assignment (via Doodle) afterwards. Instruction for that will be provided at the meeting. Please bring a laptop or smartphone to access the Doodle.
  • We advise everyone to familiarize themselves with the topics before the kickoff, because you will have only a short timeframe to name the topics you would like to work on.
  • The available topics are listed here:
  • Attendance to the kickoff meeting on April 2, 2019 at 13:00 in F1.110 is mandatory, especially since we will assign the topics during this meeting. Absence is only allowed with good reason (e.g. exam scheduled at the same time). Contact us upfront if you cannot attend, provide verifiable reasons why you cannot attend, and name up to 3 topics that interest you.
  • After the topics have been assigned, the kickoff will continue with an introduction into scientific working (this will only be relevant for those getting a topic).

In case of questions, please contact Dennis Wolters


For the Seminar Advanced Software Engineering Concepts we are facing the problem that we have over 150 applicants but only 15 slots. Therefore, we decided that only those students, which have 4 or more master semesters (which are still over 50) are invited to the kickoff on April 2, 2019 at 13:00 in F1.110. At the beginning of the kickoff, we will present the seminar topics, each student has to name topics she/he would like to work on, and then we draw lots who will get a topic. Only students present at the kickoff and with 4 or more master semesters will be considered for topics when we draw lots. We are sorry that we had to apply these restrictions.

2019-03-11 The kick-off meeting will be on April 2, 2019 starting 13:00 in Room F1.110.
2019-03-06 The website is online. More information on the seminar will be available soon.

Sem­in­ar In­form­a­tion

Every participant has the following tasks:

1. Submit written outline and initial literature overview for the selected topic

2. Short presentation of topic and task (May 14, 2019)

  • The short presentation should ensure that every participant understood the selected topic/task and gets feedback intermediate feedback.

3. Long presentation of your seminar work (July 11+12, 2019)

4. Submission seminar thesis (multiple submissions at different stages - see important dates)

5. Presence in all meetings and obeying of all deadlines (see important dates)

6. Review of two other seminar theses

  • At the beginning of the review phase each student receives two preliminary versions of theses on other seminar topics which should be reviewed.

7. Active participation in the discussions


Further information: