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Important Dates (tentative)

Date Description Penalty Points*
April 2, 2019 Meeting: Kick-off meeting (starting 13:00 in Room F1.110 at the HNI) 6
April 28, 2019 Deadline: Submit outline and literature references 1 per day
May 14, 2019 Meeting: Short Presentation of your topic (Room F0.231 at HNI) 6
May 15, 2019 Last chance to register for the exam (mandatory) 6
June 9, 2019 Deadline: Submit preliminary version of the seminar thesis 3 per day
June 11, 2019 Start of the review phase  
June 23, 2019 Deadline: Submit reviews for the assigned papers 2 per day
July 3, 2019 Deadline: Submit preliminary slides 1 per day
July 7, 2019 Deadline: Submit near-final version of the paper 3 per day
July 10, 2019 Deadline: Submit the questions on the assigned topics 3 per day
July 11 and 12, 2019 Meeting: Block Seminar (Room F0.231 at HNI) 6
July 21, 2019 Deadline: Submit the final version of the thesis and the slides 3 per day

* Missing at a meeting (without a excuse) or missing a deadline results in penalty points. All participants start with 0 penalty points. If 6 penalty points are reached, we do not issue a “Schein” anymore

Further information:

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