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Studierende in den Seminarräumen des O-Gebäudes, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft Show image information

Studierende in den Seminarräumen des O-Gebäudes, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft

Study centre computer science (LZI)

The study centre for computer science helps improving study conditions by being part of the program “Heterogenität als Chance” (“Heterogeneity as an opportunity”) within the quality pact for teaching.

It offers a place for collective and individual learning for all students in computer science at the university Paderborn.

For questions concerning computer science studies or learning- and working methods staff will be available at certain times.

It is also possible to arrange personal appointments for individual problems!

You have a specific request you want to discuss with someone from the study centre? Contact us! We answer requests in German and English.

The study centre computer science offers:

  • Two rooms with space for working, studying and debating (room E1.121 and E1.125)
  • A good working environment with a whiteboard, PC-equipment, etc.
  • Connections to the student union e.g. contacts, old exams and minutes of the examination
  • Tipps and tricks for optimizing your study-day
  • Regular seminars and workshops in studies-related topics (see link for current events down below)
  • PANDA-Kurs with discussion forum, information about office hours and other useful links about studying computer science:


For consultation hours and personal appointments contact Dietrich Gerstenberger: 05251 – 606611

You can find us in our study centre bureau:
Institut für Informatik, Fürstenallee 11, room F2.201

Tutor consultation hours in winter-term 2020/21

The LZI offers online tutor consultation hours during winter-term for the following lectures:

  • Modellierung (Mod)
  • Analysis für Informatiker (Ana)
  • Programmierung (Pro)
  • Programmiersprachen (PS)
  • Rechnerarchitektur (RA)
  • Berechenbarkeit und Komplexität (BuK)
  • Stochastik für Informatiker und Lehramtsstudierende (Sto)

For further Information see PANDA-Course „Z.EXT.00150 Lernzentrum Informatik WS 2020/21“(German)


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00       PS


12:00         Mod
13:00 Ana
14:00     Ana
15:00     Orga



Status 18.01.2021

Learning to learn

Under the name “Lernen lernen” (Learning to study) a number of 15-minute lectures about topics like self-organisation and learning-techniques are inserted into first-semester-events during the winter semester 2018/19

Presentation slides will soon be available for download again here.

LZI workshops in winter-term 2020/21

LZI workshops in winter-term 2020/21

Computer Science Learning Center

Consulting hours:

During semester break consulting hours are only available after consultation.
For individual appointments feel free to call or e-mail me:

05251 606611 or dietrich.gerstenberger(at)upb(dot)de

The University for the Information Society