The International Office gives you all the information you need to register for our Computer Science programs. Before registering, please check whether you meet the admission requirements listed below. International students please inform under “Admission Requirements to the Masters’s Program Computer Science.” For application please got to the Uni-assist online portal.

Admission Requirements

To register for the Master’s program, a completed Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a similar field is required. The Master’s program can be started in either the summer semester or the winter semester.

Admission to the Bachelor's program is possible in the winter semester, i.e. the next time in the winter semester. There are no admission restrictions (local NC) for the coming winter semester. However, it is also possible to enter the program in the summer semester as a higher semester - after recognition of prior achievements.

In principle, the general university entrance qualification (Abitur) is a prerequisite for admission to the study of Computer Science. However, we also offer the possibility of taking up the Bachelor's program in Computer Science with a specialized baccalaureate degree (see the subsection "Admission to the Bachelor's program with specialized baccalaureate").

Any student with a Bachelor’s degree that certifies knowledge in the fundamental methods of Computer Science or an equivalent field, and with a grade point average of at least 3.0 can register for the Master’s program in Computer Science at the University of Paderborn. If the Bachelor’s degree was granted by a different university, the fundamental knowledge of and requirements for this Bachelor’s degree must be similar to those required for a degree granted by the University of Paderborn. In such cases the Examination Board determines whether the degree is equivalent.

Please check our Information for international students for further details.

Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in a field other than Computer Science can also apply for admission in the Master’s program. In such cases the Examination Board might either require the student to complete additional credit points first or place the student in an advanced semester in the Bachelor’s program. However, German proficiency is required in this case.

The application for the Masters Program in Computer Enginnering can be performed only via the Uni-Assist web page, which allows you to submit your application electronically. Please go to the Uni-assist online portal for applicants, and look up the University of Paderborn in the list "Universities (Master)" under the heading "Northrhine-Westphalia". From there you will receive all information you need to register for our Computer Engineering programs. Before registering, please check whether you meet the admission requirements listed below.

To register for the Master's program in Computer Engineering, you must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or in a similar field. In addition, proven sufficient proficiency in English and a GRE general test are required for admission. The Master’s program can be started during the winter semester of the summer semester.

In addition to the above-mentioned admissions with Abitur or Fachhochschulreife, applicants who possess the prerequisites for those qualified in vocational education according to HG § 49 para. 6 can apply for admission according to the admission examination regulation. Applications are sent directly to the Student Secretariat; please also note the detailed instructions.