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Research Assistant from Tanzania

| From Feburary until August 2017 our research group is expanded by Suzan Kessy, a DAAD student from Tansania. At her home university in Arusha she is studying “Information Communication Science and Engineering” and is specialized in “Electronics...

SIGGRAPH 2017: 6th Annual Faculty Submitted Student Work Exhibit

| The Bachelor Theses of Lukas Stratmann and Till Pankoke will be presented at ACM SIGGRAPH 2017 conference. Lukas designed and implemented a WebGL-Tool for studying and training of color spaces. Till’s thesis was developed in cooperation with...

Completion of Six Years of Editorship for IEEE

| Between 2011 and 2016 Professor Gitta Domik was co-editor (jointly with Professor Scott Owen, Georgia State University, USA) of the “Education Department” in the IEEE Computer Graphics and Application (CGA) magazine. At the last meeting of the...

High Interest from Automotive Industry - Sabrina Heppner presents her work in Klagenfurt and Bayreuth.

| In their Master Theses, Sabrina Heppner and Marius Dransfeld deal with the development of 3D rendering solutions using a Deferred Rendering pipeline. Their aim is the improvement of virtual street scenes to test camera based Advanced Driver...

Diagnosis of a 6500 Year old Baby Mummy

| Stephan Arens, M.Sc., used results from his PhD thesis to illustrate a significant fact from the past to visitors of the State Museum of Detmold: A 6500 year old baby mummy, originating from South America and exhibited in the museum, was recently...

High Schoolers Move the (Virtual) World

| During the summers of 2012 and 2013, Professor Gitta Domik hosted workshops for high school students to teach how to utilize mathematics to build and animate virtual worlds. The participants were juniors in high school who had chosen advanced math...

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