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M. Sc. Sabrina Piasecki

M. Sc. Sabrina Piasecki

Computer Graphics, Visualization and Image Processing


Fürstenallee 11
33102 Paderborn
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Summer Term 19
Summer Term 16
  • Lecture: Data and Information Visualization
  • Seminar: Current Topics in Visualization (Virtual Reality in Medicin)
Winter Term 15/16
  • Lecture: Grundlagen der Computergrafik
  • Seminar: Games Engineering in informatischer und psychologischer Perspektive


[HDD16]Heppner, S.; Dransfeld, M.; Domik G.: Adding Atmospheric Scattering and Transparency to a Deferred Rendering Pipeline for Camera Based ADAS Tests. In: 14. Workshop Automotive Software Engineering (ASE) - INFORMATIK 2016. Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), Volume P-259, pp. 1591 - 1604, GI Bonn 2016.
[LDQ+10]Löhnhardt B, Dickmann F, Quade M, Skrowny D, Heppner S, Kaspar M, Kepper N, Krefting D, Steinke T, Sax U: Evaluation of Visualization Approaches in a Biomedical Grid Environment. In: Sixth IEEE International Conference on e-Science Workshops, pp. 80-85. IEEE Computer-Science, Brisbane, 2010.
[HDD16]Heppner, S.; Dransfeld, M.; Domik G.: A Deferred Rendering Pipeline Including a Global Illumination Model for Atmospheric Scattering and Transparency. At: 21st International Symposium on Vision, Modeling and Visualization (VMV 2016), Bayreuth 2016.

Supervised Theses

6th Annulal Faculty Submitted Student Work Exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2017

Lukas Stratmann: Conceptualization and Prototypical Implementation in WebGL of an Exercise in Color Theory [submitted video]

Till Pankoke: Real-Time Shadowing in ADAS Testing Environment [submitted video]

5th Annulal Faculty Submitted Student Work Exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2016

Marius Dransfeld: Transparency in a Real-Time Global Illumination Model in a Deferred Rendering Pipeline [submitted video]

Timo Renzelmann: Real-Time Rendering of Wet Materials [submitted video]

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