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Lec­ture series "Ca­reer pro­files in math­em­at­ics and com­puter sci­ence”

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The alumni association "Die Matiker e.V." at the Paderborn University  organizes the following two lectures within the lecture series "Berufsbilder der Mathematik und Informatik" (both lectures will take place one after the other on the date, in total about 90 minutes):

Thursday, 27.10.2022 at 18:15 in lecture hall O2.

Lecture 1: Software development in logistics (Melanie Bruns, PSI Logistics)

Lecture 2: Software Engineer, Architect, Project Manager, Consultant, ... - every project is different (Stephan Müller, adesso Paderborn)

to lecture 1:

When complex algorithms meet the reality of a modern warehouse, exciting problems arise: How to efficiently design via SQL that there is not too much booze in one place. How to get the order that was never defined in the specifications out the door because the truck driver is waiting. And what bugs you find when temporary workers without any knowledge of German use the dialogs for the first time that you have written in your office. I'm talking here about the decision not to pursue a doctorate, the subsequent move to an unfamiliar city, and my first job in software development.

The company PSI Logistics GmbH develops logistics software in Dortmund and Aschaffenburg. There is plenty to do here, with everything that belongs to logistics: from baggage carousels at airports, to routing problems with e-trucks, to optimizing where the next department store will be built. If you like programming but also feel comfortable in security shoes, you'll fit in perfectly here.

Melanie Bruns studied computer science with a master's degree in Paderborn. She has been a software developer at PSI Logistics since 2018 and now works as a technical project manager. Melanie is a member of the “Matikers”.

to lecture 2:

IT service providers like adesso help their customers to develop innovative ideas, future-proof strategies and custom-fit IT solutions that optimally support companies in their individual challenges. This always involves people who bring the right mix of technology expertise and a sound understanding of the customer's respective business. Working on customer projects opens up a wide range of professional and technical opportunities for both career starters and experienced experts. Depending on your interests and focus - which can of course change over the years - working for an IT service provider offers a variety of diverse tasks and roles - whether as a software engineer, architect, project manager, consultant, subject matter expert, test manager, ... And one thing is definitely certain - every project is different.

Stephan Müller is head of a Competence Center in the business unit Cross Industries at adesso SE in Paderborn. In addition to his work as a manager, Stephan has 15 years of experience as an architect, project manager, consultant and trainer in IT services. Over the years, he has gotten to know a variety of customers and industries, trained young employees and built teams. Stephan is a member of the Matikers.

The Matiker e.V. is the alumni association of the Institutes of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Paderborn University. Since 2001, they have been organizing the regular lecture series "Careers in Mathematics and Computer Science". The aim of the lectures is to allow students to share in the wealth of experience of graduates and thus give them an insight into professional practice. For more information about past and future lectures, visit For inquiries regarding the lecture series, please contact Robert Preis (