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"Uni Underground" in Paderborn city center

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Climate Clash, Uni-Stage and Nerd Night: The Paderborn University invites pupils and prospective students to pop-up event

From Thursday to Saturday, October 26 to 28, the University of Paderborn invites you to the underground: In the "gwlb" (vaulted cellar at Marienplatz) a pop-up event for pupils and prospective students will take place on three days. In the "Talk Lounge" from 3 to 6 p.m. (on Saturday already from 11 a.m.) they can inform themselves about campus life and the fields of study, in the "Probier-Parcours" those interested can try their hand at typical tasks from their studies. In the theme corner, subject-specific and study-independent content will be presented. Each day is dedicated to a different topic for the future: On Thursday afternoon, the "Living Lab" addresses questions such as "How do we want to live together as a society in the future? How can life succeed in a colorful society? How do humans and machines best work together? And how do we keep ourselves fit?". Anyone interested in new technologies and digital worlds is in the right place at the "Digital Day" on Friday afternoon. A Maker Space in mini format invites you to experiment.

At the "Climate Clash" on Saturday, experts will look for solutions to the climate catastrophe and invite people to talk about changes and options for action. Technologies, people, structures - different approaches to solutions will be presented, which the research of the University of Paderborn is currently dealing with.

Highlights are also the respective evening programs from 7 to 10 pm. At "Nerd Night", for example, students have the chance to take part in a Mario Kart tournament, a colorful cultural program awaits guests at "Uni-Stage", and students can compete against each other in the upper school quiz.

Pre-registration is required for some events. All information and the entire program of "Uni Underground" is available

Foto (Universität Paderborn): Bei Uni Underground erfahren Schüler*innen in der Paderborner Innenstadt, welche Themen in den verschiedenen Studiengängen an der Universität Paderborn behandelt werden und welche Möglichkeiten sie haben.