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[Translate to English:] AG Codes und Kryptographie


Our research areas are cryptography and cluster analysis.

We life in an interactive world where we often interact with computer systems. e.g. Internet of things IoT. Hence, the requirements and security of such systems becomes more relevant for our every day life.
Current developments like predicate encryption, attribute-based encryption, anonymous group signatures and anonymous credential systems can be efficiently realised with pairing-based cryptography. This is the motivation for our research to be focused on paring-based cryptography and cryptographic protocols.

The group's second focus area is cluster analysis. The goal  of a clustering is to divide some set of objects into groups, the so-called clusters, such that objects in the same cluster are more similar to each other than to objects in other clusters. Nowadays, clustering is ubiquitous in many research areas, such as data mining, image and video analysis, information retrieval, and bioinformatics. Our research focuses on analysing clustering algorithms used in practice and the developement of algorithms with provable approximation bounds.

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