„All Day Research" Podcast: 24th episode with Prof. Dr. Carsten Schulte

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In the 24th episode of the "All Day Research" Podcast we welcome Prof. Dr. Carsten Schulte. Together with our host Marvin Beckmann he talks about the topic Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life - Digital Artifacts in the Transregio Project.

Prof. Dr. Carsten Schulte has been a professor in the didactics of computer science here at Paderborn University since 2016 and is also part of the interdisciplinary research team of Transregio 318 "Constructing Explainability". In it, he and his colleagues are researching the principles, mechanisms, and social practices of explaining and how these can be taken into account in AI systems. "For me from didactics, it is particularly exciting to develop explanatory models for different technologies and even to see if there are models that can help people learn about new technologies more easily," says Prof. Dr. Carsten Schulte. Due to the increasingly frequent integration of digital artifacts in society at large, this research is therefore becoming more and more relevant, according to Prof. Dr. Schulte.

The podcast was created in cooperation with the Departement of Computer Science and the Student Council for Mathematics/Computer Science. The aim is to give more insights into science and thereby bring students - especially those in the first semester - closer to the study, to arouse interest and to show how much fun research and the study of computer science at Paderborn University can be.
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