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"All Day Re­search" Pod­cast: 33rd epis­ode - Talk Lounge Teach­ing

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In the 33rd episode of the "All Day Research" podcast, students Adrian Block and Lukas Ostermann talk to Dr. Harald Selke, Head of the Student Office, about the reaccreditation of the Computer Science degree program.

Reaccreditation means the introduction of new examination regulations, which entail many changes to the structure of the Computer Science degree program. "We hope that [this] will improve things," explains Dr. Harald Selke. He worked intensively on the reaccreditation, as did Adrian Block and Lukas Ostermann, who are both very actively involved in the interests of the students.

Changes are planned for both the Computer Science Bachelor's degree course and the Computer Science Master's degree course. For example, there will be a greater focus on learning different programming languages at the beginning of the course than was previously the case. Other lecture modules will also be added and others will be dropped. All in order to improve the student experience and respond to feedback and criticism.

"This is also an opportunity for us to say, let's take a look at what actually went well in the old examination regulations [and] what went badly," says Dr. Harald Selke, summarizing the aim of the new examination regulations.

And he suggests that these new examination regulations will soon be available on the website of the Central Student Advisory Service at


This podcast episode is our first episode of the new series "Talk Lounge Teaching" in which we will take a closer look at issues relating to teaching and studying. As a co-production between the Computer Science Study Office and the Institute of Computer Science, students and lecturers will talk to staff from the Study Office about current topics and can be heard in between episodes.

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