Found­a­tions of Cryp­to­graphy


News will be posted in PANDA. Most notably: FoC will be an online course this semester. We're still finalizing what exactly this will look like. Bear with us :)


There are two types of homework: Type 1 and type 2. Both are happening independently of one another. Both will be available through PANDA.

Type 1 homework

Type 1 homework deals with the content of one specific week and is designed for repetition and comprehension. It can be solved within a short timeframe, assuming you've already put some work towards understanding the content. 

Type 1 exercises are released every week. Type 1 exercises are mandatory, i.e. you need to achieve a certain percentage of points in order to take the exam. Type 1 exercises must be solved by you individually, they are not group exercises.

Type 2 homework

Type 2 homework is designed to deepen your understanding by asking advanced questions (potentially spanning multiple topics). These are more time-intensive and may require you to come up with the right ideas. For this, you'll have more time.

Type 2 exercises are released irregularly and you will have 2-3 weeks to solve them. Type 2 exercises are not mandatory, but solving them grants a bonus for your final grade. Type 2 exercises can be solved in groups.


The exam will be an oral block exam. For this, we will announce two blocks where you can take your oral exam:

  • First exam block: Calendar week 30
  • Second exam block: tbd

The exams are potentially going to be done via online video chat.


As a Studienleistung, you need to pass at least 70% of the weekly type 1 exercises (for 6 ECTS students, this is probably going to be 8 out of 11 exercises). A weekly exercise is considered "passed" if you reach at least 50% of its points. You necessarily need the Studienleistung in order to participate in the exam.

Bonus system

  • If you achieved at least 50% of all points in type 2 exercises, and you pass the exam, then your grade will improve by one grade step (e.g., 2.3 to 2.0)
  • If you achieved at least 80% of all points in type 2 exercises, and you pass the exam, then your grade will instead improve by two grade steps (e.g., 2.3 to 1.7)