Course or­gan­isa­tion

The entire organisation of this (german) course will take place via the following tools:

  • PAUL: Registration within the deadlines specified by the ZPS for module/lecture, course achievements ("Studienleistung") and the (written) exam.
  • PANDA: Announcements on organisational matters (e.g. requirements for obtaining the course achievements (Studienleistung)) and publication of the lecture material, additional literature pointers, the weekly home and attendance exercises and their assessments. After registering for the course in PAUL, an import into this year's PANDA course will take place (within 24h). If there are any problems with this, please contact the organisation of exercises. Contentwise this course sticks to its description in the current module handbooks.

Or­gan­isa­tion of the ex­er­cises