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NRW universities make research and companies fit for AI issues

Servicecentrum WestAI supports the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) with technologies and services

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Quantum and supercomputers in research: expert explains the status quo

Quantum research is producing incredible technologies and overcoming boundaries that were previously considered insurmountable. The potential of the quantum computer - the crown jewel of these research activities - is immense. But what are the advantages of quantum computers compared to those of current high-performance computers? Where are the limits and how can the two be profitably combined? In a new video, Prof. Dr. Sevag Gharibian, an expert…

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Matiker: Announcement lecture "Job profiles"

To all students of computer science and mathematics at the University of Paderborn: The alumni association "Die Matiker e.V." at the University of Paderborn organizes the following two lectures as part of the lecture series „Job Profiles in Mathematics and Computer Science" on Thursday, December 7, 2023 at 6:15 p.m. in lecture hall D2 (both lectures will take place one after the other on that date, a total of approx. 90 minutes). The talks…

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"All Day Research" Podcast: 30th episode with Prof Dr Ivan Habernal

In the 30th episode of the "All Day Research" podcast, we welcome Prof. Dr. Ivan Habernal who talks to our host Marvin Beckmann about Natural Language Processing and its use in understanding law.

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Paderborn University students receive CAST Award for IT Security 2023

This year's CAST IT Security Award was presented for the 23rd time. The award ceremony for outstanding students in the categories "Master's Theses" and "Bachelor's Theses" took place on October 10, 2022 in Darmstadt and brought together outstanding students.

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Computer Science in Paderborn …

The Department of Computer Science emphasizes on a broad and fundamental research foundation as well as a deep integration within the university... more

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