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Are you motivated and do you really want to make a difference?

That’s why you decided to register at our university and belong to our student body, or you would like to soon.We’re glad to hear that because studying Computer Science at the University of Paderborn is the right decision for you!

For years, the Computer Science Department in Paderborn has been holding one of the top CHE Ranking positions (see the current rankings (only available in German)). The statistics prove that our student support, course offerings, and industry-relevant study programs are exceptionally excellent.We provide our students numerous possibilities to determine and design their own individual study plan and academic career (like with a semester abroad at one of our partner universities). In addition to offering a wide range of courses in our Bachelor’s and Master’s programs so that you can specialize in your area of choice, we also give you the opportunity to participate in our PhD program. And our part-time Computer Science program is unique in East Westphalia-Lippe. In this program, you can pursue your studies and simultaneously hold a job or support your family as well.

For our first-semester students, we have helpful information especially for their needs. And we also provide a mentor program that gives students further support along their way to successfully completing their degree.

A possibilty to learn and get help with solving problems offers the Computer Science Learning Center.

The University for the Information Society