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Studierende in den Seminarräumen des O-Gebäudes, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft Show image information

Studierende in den Seminarräumen des O-Gebäudes, Foto: Universität Paderborn, Fotografin: Judith Kraft

Welcome dear visitor

Computer Science in Paderborn...

The Department of Computer Science in Paderborn is one of the first addresses for computer science in Germany as rankings from the German Science Foundation (DFG) and the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) confirm regularly. We believe in the mutual interdependence of first-class education and research because outstanding education can only be achieved in an excellent research environment; inversely, the excellent research carried out in our department would be impossible without the creativity and support of our students and research assistants. For almost 30 years the work in our department has been well guided by this principle.

We attract high external funds which places us in the top group of all Computer Science Departments in Germany. Besides running and contributing to many research projects on the national and international level, we are currently involved in two large collaborative research centres and in two graduate schools of the DFG. Furthermore, our International Graduate School of Dynamic Intelligent Systems, one out of seven graduate schools in North-Rhine/Westphalia and the only one with main focus on computer science, confirms the great importance of our research and teaching. With our manifold involvements in research departments such as Heinz Nixdorf Institute, PC2, C-LAB, s-lab and PaSCo, we provide multiple opportunities for students and young scientists to gain insight into interdisciplinary research as well as into cooperations with business partners in the industry.

We have launched our department’s new English web presence with information about our research, including links to the pages of our professors’ research groups, and we will gradually complete the website with information for prospective and enrolled students.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website!

Information Meeting for International Computer Science Students (Master only)

At the beginning of each term / semester we have a Welcome Week for International Master Students that are in their first term / semester.

The University for the Information Society